Discover why Ontario’s Land O’Lakes region is one of the greatest natural treasures in Canada. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Shield, you’ll find forests as diverse as the activities available within them. But what makes us really unique is our hundreds of spectacular, clean lakes with plenty of wildlife. Combine our diversity with bright and warm summers, affordable travel, and closeness to amenities, and you have the perfect vacation!

Fernleigh Lodge is located on Kashwakamak Lake in Eastern Ontario. Kashwakamak Lake is 15 miles long with 40 miles of rustic and beautiful shoreline. The average depth of the lake is 20 feet., with 5 to 7 miles of it having a depth of 40-90 feet, and one area having a depth of over 125 feet. The lake bottom consists of a mixture of rock, weed beds, sand bars, and rocky shoals. The lake is also part of the Eastern Ontario Canoe route, which stretches from Ottawa to Lake Mazinaw. Portages and points of interest are all well marked.

Our forests offer a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees in addition to natural wetlands and scattered meadows. Rivers and ponds are abundant and help make up one of world’s largest sources of fresh water.

There are very few dangerous animals and the terrain is relatively safe. There are also no dangerous reptiles or insects, and no recorded cases of West Nile. Instead you’ll find deer, foxes, beavers, ground hogs, porcupines, skunks and perhaps the occasional black bear.