We get asked a lot of questions from visitors regarding their upcoming stay.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that might help.

No, we provide all the pillows and blankets.

Yes, you are responsible for all the bed sheets in your housekeeping cabin (we do provide them for $40.00 per week if you choose not to bring your own).  If you are on the meal plan everything is provided for you.

Yes, you may join us at any meal time although we ask that you give us 24 hours notice.

No, we do not offer rentals of speed boats or Jet Skis.

Yes, we have the system to update or issue all MNR licenses (fishing and hunting).

Kashwakamak Lake is widely known for small mouth bass.

Yes, the cabins have fire pits with firewood always accessible.

We have a grocery store 20-25 minutes away in both directions. Our local Foodland store in Northbrook is open 24 hours starting the last weekend in June.

Wifi is available at no cost.

We have cellular service, however it is hit and miss at times (and depends on your provider).

Kashwakamak Lake is 15 miles (24 kilometres) long.

We have some friendly blackflies who come out late in May but quickly disappear.  The mosquitoes are also friendly for a few months. Insect repellent helps keeps blackflies and mosquitoes from biting.

Please review our Cancellation Policy here: https://fernleighlodge.com/policies/

Yes, we have cottages available all year.

We have a medical centre in Northbrook 25 minutes away as well as a 24 hour County Ambulance base.  A hospital is located 1 hour in either direction.

Yes, we are pet friendly however, please review our Pet Policy here: https://fernleighlodge.com/policies/

Yes, Kevin also helps with every boat going into the water.

Yes, all cottages have a coffeemaker, toaster, microwave oven, all kitchen utensils, pots and pans, etc.

All our canoes and paddleboats are available free-of-charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

Absolutely!  We have hosted a lot of weddings at Fernleigh Lodge.

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