I’d rate Fernleigh Lodge as my best experience hands down!

‘Earlier this year we took our first trip to Fernleigh Lodge and just had a great time. The owners really made us feel at home and totally relaxed. Everyone was very nice. We were very happy with Fernleigh on everything. It was a totally fun vacation. The fishing was very good, especially considering we were new to Lake Kashwakamak which is fairly large. Accommodations were very nice, clean and in good working order. Everything we paid for was provided to our complete satisfaction. Boats were good and motors ran quite well. The food and table service was so tasty that we looked forward to each meal with great anticipation. The fish fry and steak dinner was wonderful. We already look forward to our next trip and are in the early stages of planning a family trip next year.
I have stayed at and fished at numerous lakes in the Rideau and surrounding region and I’d rate Fernleigh Lodge as my best experience hands down.  Best Regards, ‘ –

 The new cabins are awesome!

‘This year our family stayed at Fernleigh for the first time after staying at a different lodge down the lake for over 50 years. Kevin and Melissa were excellent hosts and we were thrilled with the quality of the food and the accommodations. The new cabins are awesome but we were very pleased staying in the ‘Manor’ – one of the older cabins. Our family has already reserved cabins for 2015 and hope this becomes a new tradition for us, our son, daughter, and five grandchildren.’ — Wes

I first came here as a kid in 1956!

‘Last night I just had this idea to Google Fernleigh Lodge to see if it still existed. I’ve wondered for years what happened to the fishing camps I knew as a boy years ago.
It all started when Mom And Dad were married in the 40’s and went to Fernleigh for their honeymoon. They went back to Fernleigh for 2 weeks every year.  When I came along in 1949 I was taken to an Aunt and Uncle for those 2 weeks, but when I was older I went with them. I stayed in the boy’s camp down the lake for the first week. I remember a Joe Taubin ( I think I have the name right) ran the boy’s camp. It was great fun. The second week I stayed at Fernleigh with Mom and Dad. I have pictures, that Dad took, when I was about 7-8 years old. That would put me at Fernleigh at about 1956. I went every year after that until I started college in 1967. We at first stayed in Cabin #2, close to the boat dock. Later we usually stayed on the point. It was awesome walking across the long bridge to the dining hall in the morning. The meals were great.
I learned to put sugar on my fresh tomatoes there. Isn’t it funny what you remember? I would dive and jump off the rock cliff when I was older. I remember the green flat bottom plywood boats. I especially remember the swimming dock downhill from the dining hall. Mom loved to troll. I remember going down the length of the lake to the end where weeds and more shallow bays were favorite places for my parents to fish. We would get back in the night, clean the fish in that little building just for the purpose and put the fish away in the freezer. We brought much fish home for the winter months. Mom and Dad were great fish eaters. We only kept Yellow Pike and Bass. I loved the cabins and I’ll never forget the Hudson Bay blankets. There are so many more memories. It would take a week alone to review them all with you. Swimming at the swimming dock, it was there that I would swim the rock shore looking for lures that people lost on the rocks. I did find an old folding fillet knife. That knife started my knife collection which I still have today. I remember learning to water ski at that dock from behind the camp speed boat. The boy with the towel, as I remember, is John Ahr Jr. Maybe you know him.? He was a large man as I recall. I think this younger John is a grandson? The influence of Mom and Dads’ love to fish, going to Fernleigh and, I have include, a Boy Scout troop and scoutmaster that loved the outdoors directed much of my life. Today I live in northern Maine.Thank You.’ –  Frank Pytlak Jr

My first trip to Fernleigh Lodge was in 1937!

‘My first trip to Fernleigh Lodge was in 1937 as a three year old with my Mom and Dad. Spent part of every summer there until I left for College in 1956. MANY happy memories as I made my way through life. Returned once in 1979 during the transition of ownership. The Lodge was much the same, with great meals, Cabins, and great fishing. I returned again this year, thanks to a chance on-line search. It is still the same environment – forested, fishing, Loons at night, nature, quite & peaceful. The fish were as plentiful and as large as in the 1940’s. Food was home cooked and well prepared, and the staff well trained and delightfully pleasant. Kevin and Melissa are upgrading facilities as time worn natural log cabins are retired. Looking back over 77 years, the future looks very bright for more memories!-‘ – Dan

Fernleigh Lodge – we will definitely recommend it!

‘Just wanted to say thank you Fernleigh Lodge, Warren and I had a great week. You have a beautiful place not to mention our cabin (or should I say house) 🙂 was simply beautiful and very comfortable. We will definitely recommend it 🙂 have a great rest of the summer and hopefully we will see you again next year.’ — Warren and Denise

Fernleigh Lodge – my family’s haven!

‘Fernleigh Lodge has been my family’s haven for the last 5-6 years, we look forward to visiting every summer, creating memories of the warm and courteous staff, beautiful scenery, and the neat & cozy cottages that will last us a lifetime.’ — Shelley

Accommodations excellent and the boat launching easy!

‘My brother and I stayed at Fernleigh Lodge over Canada Day this year. The staff were friendly and very helpful. Kevin was a great host and full of advice on where the fishing was best.The food was excellent, the accommodations were comfortable and the boat launching was easy. We had a really good time and hope to make it back soon for a longer stay’. — Richard

We averaged 10-15 bass a day!

‘‘Wow!’ that is how I would describe the bass fishing and service at Fernleigh Lodge. I stayed for a week in July with my family and it was epic. We got to enjoy beautiful clean water and scenery and averaged 10-15 bass a day. I am a fishing guide and would recommend this lodge to everyone that comes to the region.’ — Sebastian

Fondest memories of my life!

‘The lake at Fernleigh has heard a lot of voices echoes of silence, echoes of laughter, echoes of love. All our experiences mesh together and then come free to sail across the waves to the shore where they come up over the hill to the morning bell. Fondest memories of my life spent feeling my way through every inch of Fernleigh Lodge.’ — Kate

Thanks for the wonderful wedding!

‘Thanks Fernleigh Lodge for the wonderful wedding for Nick and Meagen….could not have been any better……was beautiful!!!! ‘ — Cindy

Plan on continuing the vacation tradition with my family!

‘I would absolutely LOVE to share some of my fond memories of Fernleigh Lodge……have been vacationing there since I was a little girl….and plan on continuing the tradition with my family! — Sherrie

Plan on continuing the vacation tradition with my family!

‘I would absolutely LOVE to share some of my fond memories of Fernleigh Lodge……have been vacationing there since I was a little girl….and plan on continuing the tradition with my family! — Sherrie


If you would like to share your experiences at Fernleigh Lodge with others please drop a note through our contact form.  We would be happy to hear from you!

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